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We are experts in private practice, since 1989 we have run one of the most successful

Alexander Technique private practices in the world having taught over 40,000 sessions.

The source of our success is the combination of finely developed hands-on skill that gives an inner stillness to our students, coupled with our compassionate, friendly and professional approach to help clients to learn to live more in the present and maintain a mindful calm that remains with them as a gift for life.

Check out our faq's page and look at our

tips and videos to see how we work and what our clients have said about us and the courses we run.

We are pioneers of residential teaching in a number of areas, in business, adult education, courses with holiday companies, courses for the visually impaired and training for school teachers. We have run an extensive group program which includes over 100 residential courses, in the UK and abroad. We had great success working within the NHS and Dental Practice Board and we tailor courses for the specific needs of the modern business.

Our training in The Alexander Technique was exceptional. We trained with one of the most senior Alexander teachers in the world, Patrick Macdonald, in a Master Class situation, full time for three years, qualifying in 1989.

We worked widely with many first generation teachers who trained with F.M. Alexander.

Patrick Macdonald was F.M. Alexander's assistant for many years and took over Alexander's practice at Ashley Place when he died.

Our aim is to run a traditional private practice and training course along traditional lines.

Our unique strength is that we are close to the roots of the work having had a classical, traditional training followed by 18 years experience as full time career Alexander teachers.

Suzie has been running an exciting program of courses for voice for use at work, or for people with vocal problems and for professionals in the media.

meet the trainers

chris element mstat

Chris has been working with the unity of mind, body and spirit for 30 years. Having studied Politics and Philosophy at Warwick University he developed a keen interest in the nature of thought which led him to practise meditation.

Chris now teaches meditation and has considerable experience working within Buddhist, Sufi and Christian traditions. For several years Chris also practised Yoga and Tai Chi.

Chris has a deep interest in alternative approaches to education and served for four years as a School Governor for the only Buddhist primary school in Europe, The Dharma School. His main role for the school was to provide counselling and support for staff and parents.

Whilst training to be an accountant, Chris discovered the Alexander Technique. Alexander’s unique and wide ranging approach to the unity of mind and body made him realize that his life’s work would be to teach the Technique.

suzie sanderson ba pgce mstat

Before training as an practitioner of The Alexander Technique, Suzie spent ten years working with young people with special needs as a Senior Youth Worker for ILEA, Life and Social Skills Tutor for the YMCA and at Kilworthy House school, a progressive alternative school run along the lines of A.S.Neil and Summerhill.

Studying Classics and Ancient Philosophy at University was a starting point for her lifelong fascination for the nature of mind and thought in both eastern and western traditions.

She combines this with her wealth of experience as a course leader, teacher, youth worker and Alexander Teacher to bring a unique and inspiring experience to clients and students at The Brighton School.

our training school

assistant and visiting teachers for

our practitioner training school

at the brighton school - 2008


claudia weiss bsc cqsw mstat

Claudia Weiss is an assistant at the Brighton School for Alexander Technique. She runs a successful private practice in Brighton, has a wide range of experience and is highly skilled in her teaching of the Alexander Technique. Besides this she has considerable experience teaching group sessions on the Alexander Technique, and has run workshops for other teachers on evidence based learning in Adult Education, in partnership with the Friends Centre in Brighton. Claudia has also taught the Alexander Technique at the multiple sclerosis centre in Shoreham, and been involved in a medical trial for the NHS to research the value of the Alexander Technique in dealing with back pain. She trained for three years under Patrick Macdonald, one of F.M. Alexander's assistants, qualifying in 1991. She is also a qualified Social Worker and manager, has a teaching qualification in Further and Adult Education and a Certificate in Life Coaching. She brings professionalism, enthusiasm and sheer enjoyment to her teaching work.


malcolm balk mstat

A master in the art of applying the Alexander Technique to the act of running. Teacher of The Alexander Technique for 20 years and author of "The Art of Running", a gem of both inspiration and technical information for the modern runner.

selma goken mstat

Professor of violoncello at The Guildhall School of Music in London. She trained with The Ribeaux's, and has extensive experience of teaching musicians and performers.

brigitte cavadias mstat vision teacher

Brigitte trained as an Alexander teacher with Misha Magidof at his North London School teacher training school, and with Miss Evelyn B. Sage in her North London School for teachers of the W.H.Bate's Method. She qualified from both in 1992. Since then she has been keen on including the use of the eyes in her Alexander work

and devoting a special attention to the means of consciously and naturally improving eyesight and vision.

For the last ten years she has been teaching one-to-one lessons as well as groups in her home in Provence, France and leading workshops in France, UK, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland.

eileen stratton mstat

Is an accomplished and highly experienced Alexander teacher who trained with Margery Barlow, Peter Scott and Patrick Macdonald - all first generation teachers. Eileen is a jazz singer and inspiring teacher who brings a lifetime of study on voice and voice production to her teaching of voice.

libby jebson mstat

Libby has been running a busy private practice in Reigate for a number of years.

adelle gibson msc mstat

Adelle has a successful teaching practice based in Lewes.




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